Dog's paw with a family

The pets we share our lives with are pretty predictable (despite the great unpredictability of the past few years!). Just like us, they like certain things to happen at particular moments of the day, week, or month. Creatures, as it were, of habit. 

At Felton Veterinary Hospital, we like to respond to pet patterns with monthly blog posts. These blogs are intended to shed some light on both new and familiar pet topics. We care what our community of pet owners are interested in when it comes to their pets, so we pay attention to which blogs resonate the most with our clients. As we ring in 2022, we take a second look at Felton Veterinary Hospital’s most popular blogs of 2021.

The Most Popular Blogs of 2021

  1. Find out what you need to know about preparing your home for a new puppy! 
  2. If you’re ready to hit the road with your pet, here are some great tips for car travel with pets.
  3. If you’re working from home, you may have noticed your best friend slowing down with age. This post offers some great tips for keeping older pets comfortable.
  4. Itchy pets? Have no fear! This post gives you the lowdown on what to do about pet allergies.
  5. Check out this post about how to protect your dog from ticks.

We’re With You And Your Pet!

From all of us at Felton Veterinary Hospital, thank you for reading our pet care blogs every month. Although we are still missing in person connection, we hope that these topics can offer some small continued connection with you, our pet owner community. Your participation and feedback means the world to us!