The team at Felton Veterinary Hospital loves spoiling our personal pets (we’re talking about you, Dr Atton!) and our pet patients. We have a few ideas to share if you’re searching for the best holiday gifts for pets this season. And because we want to spare you a holiday visit to the pet emergency room, we’ve also included a few gifts to avoid. Let us know what you think! 

Best Holiday Gifts for Cats

Many cat owners wouldn’t dream of leaving their kitty off the holiday gift list, but this can be challenging for the cat who has it all. Here are our favorite ideas for making your cat’s holiday purrfect. 

Bring the outdoors in. Even cats who spend their days inside can enjoy the rewards of watching and interacting with nature. Cats love to perch, so create a perfect spot near a window and hang a window bird feeder that they will love to watch. Cat-proof aquariums, both fake and real, can be a great choice. And if you’re into DIY projects, create an indoor kitty garden or build a catio to give your cat a place of their own outdoors.  

Interactive fun. Interactive and puzzle-type toys are a great way to keep your cat engaged and entertained. Whether it be a flopping fish toy, an indoor hunting feeding system,  an automatic moving ball, or an interactive moving track toy, your cat will surely enjoy it! 

Get scratching. Paws have claws, and they need to be stretched and maintained. Ensure your cat has a scratching surface that they can enjoy. Consider your cat’s preferences (vertical, horizontal, cardboard, rope, wood, carpet) to ensure they have a scratcher they will use and love.

Embrace the future. Modern pet ownership can be so cool. Whether you invest in a new robot litter box, an automated feeding system, or a robotic cat toy, it will surely make your cat’s holiday merry and bright.  

Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Clothes always stay in style. A new stylish collar, harness, or leash can be just the ticket. You can also consider a festive sweater, a new set of well-fitted booties for the winter, some snazzy rain gear, or a new safety harness for the car.

Toys, toys, toys. The Internet is an almost never-ending source of toy ideas for your dog. Whether you are looking for an interactive option, something to stand up to a tough-chewer, or a cuddly buddy, you are sure to find something. Subscription boxes are also an excellent option for a gift that keeps giving. 

A new class or activity — Consider signing your dog up for an obedience class to help you bond with them and give them mental and social stimulation. Getting into agility or flyball can also be fun for more advanced dogs. 

The luxury of a nap. Cozy winter days beg for naps by the fire, and your dog won’t turn down a comfy bed. Go ahead, pamper your pooch! Choose a snuggly option and put it under the tree.

Gifts to Avoid

When considering holiday gifts for pets, the list of choices can seem endless. However, there are some you should avoid. These include anything that contains small parts, plastic inserts, or other items your pet can ingest; bones, rawhide, and antlers, which can cause splintering or choking emergencies; string, yarn, or thread; and any items containing chemicals or possible toxic materials.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Felton Veterinary Hospital. We’re happy to point you in the right direction to make your pet’s holiday wishes come true! 

Novel Gifts for Pets

Of course, some of our favorite holiday gifts for pets are things you might not consider. Have you been putting off that dental cleaning? Is your pet due for wellness lab work? Do you need to invest in heartworm prevention for the year? Wellness care is essential for your pet and can be a good alternative for the pet with everything they want. Contact us to schedule an appointment before the holiday rush, and give your pet the gift of good health this holiday season.