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Veterinarian with Black African Parrot

Exotic Pets
Feathers, Scales and Fur

Felton Veterinary Hospital is happy to treat your exotic pets. Dr. Calvert and our team of veterinary nurses are happy to treat your birds, reptiles, amphibians, rodents, exotic, and pocket mammals. In addition, Jennifer Keil, DVM, also treats rabbits and rodents. Calendar IconSchedule an Appointment

Cute Golden Fur Bear Hamster

When you adopt an exotic pet, we recommend that you bring them to us as soon as possible for a wellness exam and overall health assessment. This initial assessment enables us to find and treat existing health problems.

Your new pet will likely require special housing, bedding, and diet. Amphibians, for example, require a specific temperature and humidity. While many pocket mammals do not require vaccinations, some do. We welcome your questions about the care of your exotic pets.

Please contact us to learn more about exotic pets or make an appointment today.

Chigger Season is Here : What you Need to Know

Chigger Season is Here : What you Need to Know

If you’ve ever taken a walk with your dog in the woods or through a field, only to have your best friend scratching up a storm for the next several days, you might have experienced a chigger attack. In cats, chiggers are most commonly found around the ears and between the toes, but can be […]

Much Ado About Canine Flu

Much Ado About Canine Flu

This winter has been quite the flu season! Many of us were ill thanks to the dreaded human flu, and we’re glad to finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s interesting that canine flu has recently become a focus, especially in dog loving circles. And while it’s not seasonal, and […]