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A Snapshot of Health

Early detection of disease are essential to preserve your pet’s health and well-being. When you bring your dog or cat to Felton Veterinary Hospital, we conduct a thorough examination of your pet. Calendar IconSchedule an Appointment

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This information helps us monitor any health concerns and address them before they become serious. Our primary goal is preventive medicine. Diagnostics are an essential component of our preventive and wellness protocols.

Effective diagnostics help ensure that your pet remains healthy throughout each stage of life. We can detect potential health issues with ultrasound and radiological equipment. Our goal is to treat potential illness as soon as they are diagnosed, and easiest to treat.


We offer an in house laboratory for running immediate blood panels for preanesthetic and emergency purposes, full radiology (x-ray) capability, as well as Ultrasound, Echocardiography, ocular and blood pressure, and EKGs.

In addition, we offer surgical biopsies, in house cytology/microscopy for fine needle aspiration of tumors, ear and skin infections, and more.

Your Pet’s Health is Our Passion

Veterinary diagnostics improve our ability to detect your animal’s health issues. We pride ourselves on our commitment to skilled care and offering the best diagnostic tools possible. Effective diagnostics and treatment protocols will help keep your pet healthy.

Please contact us to learn more about our diagnostic services or make an appointment today.

Understanding Pet Anxiety

Understanding Pet Anxiety

Welcome home! You’ve just unlocked the door and walk inside to find your living room covered with your chewed up couch material. Or, you walk in and find that your cat has eliminated on the rug, instead of in the litter box. You grit your teeth and start to clean up, wondering what has come […]

Your Go-To Guide for Adopting a Shelter Pet

Your Go-To Guide for Adopting a Shelter Pet

You’re ready to adopt a new pet! Congratulations. Of course, your first thought is probably to check out our local shelter, and we couldn’t agree more. Shelters and rescue organizations have many loving and wonderful pets of every size, shape, and personality just waiting for their forever homes.